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Apocyclops Panamensis Pods – Dynamic Detritus Busters

Description: Step up your aquarium’s cleaning game with our Apocyclops Panamensis Pods, delivered in a substantial 16 fl oz glass jar. These miniature marvels are a powerhouse in maintaining aquarium cleanliness and balance. As enthusiastic devourers of detritus and film algae, they are nature’s very own cleanup crew. Not only do they help in keeping your tank environment pristine, but their rapid reproduction also makes them an invaluable, self-replenishing food source for a variety of fish and coral.

Key Uses:

  • Natural Clean-Up: Deploy these pods to tirelessly clean your tank’s substrate and rockwork, reducing the need for manual intervention.
  • Live Feed Delight: Offer your fish the excitement of a live hunt with these nutritious Apocyclops, enhancing their health and vitality.
  • Copepod Population Booster: These pods are perfect for aquarists aiming to establish or boost their copepod colonies. With their quick reproduction, they ensure a consistent and sustainable population.
  • Coral Nutrition: Feed your corals with these Apocyclops to maintain their health and vibrancy. They provide a natural and beneficial food source for many coral species, contributing to the overall well-being of your reef ecosystem.


  • Aquarium Health: By consuming detritus and algae, these pods play a crucial role in keeping your aquarium environment clean and balanced.
  • Enhanced Fish Well-being: The natural hunting experience and nutritional value of these live feeds promote the health and activity of your fish.
  • Sustainable Food Source: Their rapid reproduction rate means you always have a steady supply of live feed, reducing reliance on external food sources.
  • Coral Growth Support: Regular feedings with these pods can lead to more vibrant and thriving corals in your aquarium.

Ideal for Eco-Conscious Aquarists: Our Apocyclops Panamensis Pods are more than just an aquarium cleaner; they are a testament to the efficiency and beauty of nature’s processes. Ideal for hobbyists who value ecological balance and the natural well-being of their marine life, these pods are a key component in a thriving, sustainable marine ecosystem.


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