Marine-Bred Black Sailfin Mollies


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Marine-Bred Black Sailfin Mollies – The Deep Sea Dancers

Description: Introducing our Black Sailfin Mollies, a lineage steeped in the saltwater tradition, showcasing the resilience and adaptability of marine breeding. These mollies sport a constellation of silver spots that evolve with age, set against a deep black backdrop that captures the essence of the ocean’s depths. They have been conditioned to high flow environments and are perfect for reef aquariums, though caution is advised with strong powerheads to ensure their safety.

Tank Mates: Peaceful fish such as firefish, cardinalfish, and certain dwarf angelfish make excellent companions, sharing a preference for a tranquil habitat.

Feeding: A balanced marine diet of TDO feeds, dried algae, and live feeds provides them with all the nutrients they need to thrive.

Care Level: Easy – an excellent choice for reef aquariums seeking robust and attractive community members.

Tank Requirements: A minimum of 20 gallons with thoughtful aquascaping that provides shelter and mimics natural currents.

Compatibility: Their tranquil and adaptable nature makes them a perfect fit for a community tank, bringing an air of elegance without competition.


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