Marine-Bred Dalmatian Sailfin Mollies


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Marine-Bred Dalmatian Sailfin Mollies – Ocean-Adapted Elegance

Description: Embrace the enchantment of the ocean with our Marine Saltwater Dalmatian Sailfin Mollies. Bred over 2-3 generations in marine conditions, these mollies have acclimated to the vibrant life of a coral reef ecosystem. With their striking green bodies and black spots, accented with bronze cheeks and the occasional blue sparkle on their tails, they bring a dynamic beauty to any saltwater aquarium. These peaceful fish are accustomed to the high flow environments of a reef tank, though we recommend using guards on potent powerheads for their safety.

Tank Mates: Ideal tank mates include other peaceful marine fish such as clownfish, gobies, and blennies, which appreciate their calm demeanor.

Feeding: They thrive on a diverse diet of TDO feeds, dried algae, and live feeds, mirroring the abundance of the ocean’s buffet.

Care Level: Easy – suited for marine hobbyists who desire a hardy and low-maintenance addition to their community.

Tank Requirements: 20 gallons or larger with moderate to high flow and protection against strong powerhead currents.

Compatibility: Their serene nature allows them to integrate seamlessly into a peaceful community, enhancing the tank’s diversity without disruption.


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