Normal/Misbar Carmel Ocellaris Clownfish


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Ocellaris Clownfish – From Classic Carmel to Unique Misbars

Description: Step into the delightful world of our Ocellaris Clownfish, where the traditional orange and white beauty meets the distinctive appeal of the Misbar variants. These clownfish, with their varying patterns from the standard three white bands to the Misbar’s unique and irregular bars, provide an exciting visual diversity for any marine aquarium. Cultivated on a diet that excludes dried algae but includes TDO feeds, frozen feeds, and live feeds, these clownfish thrive in health and vitality, ready to enchant your reef environment.

Feeding: A varied diet of TDO feeds, frozen feeds, and live feeds, minus the dried algae, to meet their carnivorous needs.

Care Level: Easy – ideal for both novice and expert marine aquarists.

Tank Requirements: At least 10 gallons, with or without an anemone.

Compatibility: Sociable with most reef inhabitants, but may show territorial behavior around their home structure.


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