Rainbow Bubble Tip Anemone


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Rainbow Bubble Tip Anemone – Nature’s Underwater Mosaic

Description: Step into a world of aquatic wonder with our Rainbow Bubble Tip Anemone. This spectacular specimen flaunts a mesmerizing blend of colors, with vibrant orange and green hues interlaced with delicate white marbling, reminiscent of a sunset. Each anemone is a living piece of art, bringing a splash of dynamic color and movement to your marine aquarium. Bubble Tip Anemones are not only stunning but also serve as a nurturing host for clownfish, creating a symbiotic and visually striking relationship in your tank.

Care Level: Moderate – Ideal for aquarists with 6+ months experience in marine aquariums.

Tank Requirements: Requires a stable tank with established water parameters. Prefers a tank size of at least 30 gallons with moderate to strong lighting and water flow.

Feeding: Thrives on a mix of photosynthesis and supplemental feedings of meaty foods like shrimp or fish.

Compatibility: Forms a natural bond with clownfish, providing them shelter and protection. Ensure compatibility with other tank inhabitants, as it may sting nearby corals or invertebrates.

Note: While some enthusiasts may use specific names like ‘Az Sunset’ for similar anemones, we focus on the natural beauty and unique characteristics of each individual anemone we offer.


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