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Tetraselmis Phytoplankton – The Robust Reef Superfood

Description: Elevate the vitality of your marine ecosystem with our Tetraselmis Phytoplankton, a veritable powerhouse of nutrition, presented in a convenient 16 fl oz glass jar. Known for its high protein content and remarkable growth-boosting properties, this robust superfood is essential for filter-feeding organisms. It provides a rich blend of amino acids that energizes your marine habitat and is instrumental in cultivating a vibrant copepod colony.

Key Uses:

  • Coral Health and Growth Booster: Introducing Tetra Phytoplankton to your tank is like unleashing a wave of vitality. It aids in coral health and encourages propagation, making it an invaluable addition to any reef setup.
  • Foundation for Culturing Success: Set the stage for a flourishing microfauna environment. This phytoplankton is the perfect nutritional base for culturing copepods and other essential microorganisms.
  • Ideal for Filter Feeders: Tetra Phytoplankton is a feast for filter feeders. Its rich, wholesome composition ensures that your aquatic inhabitants are well-nourished and thriving.


  • Protein-Rich Nutrition: Packed with high-quality protein, it meets the dietary needs of a wide range of marine organisms.
  • Ecosystem Energizer: This phytoplankton not only feeds but also revitalizes the entire tank, enhancing the vibrancy and activity of your aquatic life.
  • Copepod Cultivation: A superior food source for copepod colonies, promoting healthy growth and sustainability.

Ideal for Diverse Marine Life: Our Tetraselmis Phytoplankton is more than just food; it’s an integral component of a healthy, vibrant marine ecosystem. Whether for corals, filter feeders, or as a staple in your culturing endeavors, this superfood is designed to bring out the best in your tank.


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