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Tigriopus Californicus Copepods – The Vibrant Clean-Up Experts

Description: Boost your aquarium’s health and ecological diversity with our Tigri Pods, packed in a generous 16 fl oz glass jar. These vibrant copepods are not only a feast for the eyes with their bright red hue but also play a crucial role in maintaining tank cleanliness. Known for their hardiness and voracious appetite for algae and detritus, Tigri Pods are excellent natural cleaners and serve as highly nutritious live food. They stimulate your fish’s natural predatory instincts, contributing to a dynamic and healthy aquarium.

Key Uses:

  • Natural Tank Maintenance: Utilize the Tigri Pods’ natural cleaning abilities to reduce algae and waste in your tank, contributing to a cleaner, healthier environment.
  • Stimulate Fish Vitality: Introduce these lively copepods as live food to provide a stimulating hunting challenge, enhancing your fish’s overall health and activity.
  • Biodiversity Enhancement: Incorporating Tigri Pods into your reef tank increases its biodiversity. Their presence helps create a more resilient and stable marine ecosystem, vital for long-term ecological balance.


  • Algae and Waste Reduction: These copepods are an effective, natural solution for managing common tank issues like excess algae and waste buildup.
  • Nutritional Live Food Source: Offering essential nutrients, they are an excellent food choice, promoting the well-being and vibrancy of your marine inhabitants.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Their distinct red coloration adds an intriguing visual element to your tank, captivating the attention of observers.

Ideal for Dynamic Reef Tanks: Our Tigriopus Californicus Copepods are more than just cleaners; they are a testament to the symbiotic beauty of marine life. Ideal for aquarists seeking to enhance both the functionality and aesthetics of their tanks, these pods offer a blend of utility and visual appeal, enriching your aquatic experience.


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